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Woodburners have come a long way from the days of the bulky hand held units that plugged into the wall with no heat control and offering very little artistic control of any type. Woodburning units today have slender cables, fine tips, and complete control over your heat settings. This new technology has undoubtedly helped advance the art of pyrography (woodburning) to the unbelievable level of realism, creativity, and beauty that is found today.

While the old style woodburners are still around and still have their place, you certainly won't be disappointed if you move up to take advantage of all the newest features found in today's modern woodburners.


 Most woodburners today consist of the control unit itself, which houses the transformer and circuitry that delivers a controlled level of heat through the cord to the handpiece and finally looping through the tip, resulting in a heated surface with which to burn your masterpiece. On the front of even the most basic of woodburning units you will see an on/off switch, a heat controller/dial, and a plug-in receptacle for your cord (although some units are corded through the back of the unit). The more elaborate units will usually have an additional plug-in for another handpiece (for safety though, you will not be able to have two or more handpieces hot at the same time) possibly an additional heat controller/dial, a switch to transfer the heat from one handpiece to the other, and possibly another method of visual readout of your heat level.

All of the brands of woodburning units we sell are well respected in the field and while their is no comparable difference in the quality, durability, and performance of the units, you may find differences in the number of accessories that come with each individual unit. This information is stated with each unit, so shop wisely to find the unit that suits your needs.

All of the brands we sell have a wonderful assortment of tips available to create many different techniques and patterns.