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4406   1/4" x 4" x 12" Basswood Sheet
3997   101 Artistic Relief Patterns by Lora Irish
1919   120 Grit Gold Sandpaper
1959   120 grit Sanding Mesh
1918   220 Grit Gold Sandpaper
1958   240 grit Sanding Mesh
6270   2pc Mini/Saw Drill Set
8049   3 Piece Stylus Set
1917   400 grit Gold Sandpaper
1957   400 grit Sanding Mesh
1955   80 grit Sanding Mesh
1224   Aluminum Oxide
5681   Basic Wood Burning with Sue Waters
5022   Burner Tip Strop
8904   Burnmaster 10 pc Tip Set
8905   Burnmaster Burner Case
8906   Burnmaster Cord & Adapter
9203   Burnmaster Eagle PRO Woodburner
8900   Burnmaster Eagle Woodburner
8800   Burnmaster Hawk Woodburning Set
10A   Burnmaster Replaceable Tip
11A   Burnmaster Replaceable Tip
1ABM   Burnmaster Replaceable Tip
1BBM   Burnmaster Replaceable Tip
1CBM   Burnmaster Replaceable Tip
20BM   Burnmaster Replaceable Tip
2BBM   Burnmaster Replaceable Tip
4C   Burnmaster Replaceable Tip
5A   Burnmaster Replaceable Tip
6A   Burnmaster Replaceable Tip
H30M   Burnmaster Replaceable Tip
8901   Burnmaster Universal Woodburning Pen
8902   Burnmaster Universal Woodburning Pen with Tip Assortment
8909   Burnmaster Wire
4971   Burnmaster Wire Contact Rods (2)
7083   Burnmaster Writing Tip 1.5mm Ball
7082   Burnmaster Writing Tip 1mm Ball
7084   Burnmaster Writing Tip 2mm Ball
BPKG   Colwood 3 Ball Tip Set
0030   Colwood 6" Wire
3415   Colwood Adapter for Detail Master
CIR1   Colwood Circle Tip .071 (2 mm)
CIR2   Colwood Circle Tip .100 (3 mm)
CIR3   Colwood Circle Tip .189 (5 mm)
CIR4   Colwood Circle Tip .240 (6 mm)
3403SK   Colwood Detailer Starter Kit
3407   Colwood Easy Tip Puller
0151   Colwood Fat Cork
0100   Colwood Handpice Clip
0801   Colwood Heavy Duty Cord
0802   Colwood High Power Cord
JM   Colwood Mini Shader Tip
PB   Colwood Pie Shape Bent TIp
0020   Colwood Replaceable Tip Bushing
3414   Colwood Solder
SLE   Colwood Spear Tip
3401SK   Colwood Super Pro II Starter Kit
RTB2   Colwood Tip 1.5mm Ball
RTB1   Colwood Tip 1mm Ball
RTB3   Colwood Tip 2.3mm Ball
A   Colwood Tip A
B   Colwood Tip B
C   Colwood Tip C
C1   Colwood Tip C1
C2   Colwood Tip C2
D   Colwood Tip D
DA   Colwood Tip DA
E   Colwood Tip E
F   Colwood Tip F
G   Colwood Tip G
J   Colwood Tip J
K   Colwood Tip K
LSS   Colwood Tip LSS
M   Colwood Tip M
3416   Colwood Tip Making Kit
MC   Colwood Tip MC
MR   Colwood Tip MR
NP   Colwood Tip NP
s   Colwood Tip S
SQ   Colwood Tip SQ
8251   Complete Book of Gourd Carving
2967   Cut-Out Gourd Techniques by Susan Nonn
3403DR   DELUXE Detailer Woodburner by Colwood
3401DR   DELUXE Super Pro ll Woodburner by Colwood
3403   Detailer Woodburner by Colwood
4750   Doodling Borders for Woodburning, Gourds, & Drawing
3412   DVD Burning the Night
1131   DVD Fur Feather s & Fins by Frank Russell
9981   DVD Pyro-Paper Woodburning
3411   DVD Pyrography Workshop with Sue Walters
3332   DVD Woodburning with Cheryl Dow
2064   Easy Cleaner Gourd Ball 1.25" Dia. Fine, 11" Shank
2063   Easy Cleaner Gourd Ball 1.25" Dia. Fine, 4.5" Shank
3703   Fat Foam
4850   Fili-Point Bur
1767   Flat Fold Respirator with Valve
FSL   FSL Colwood Fish Scale Tip
FSM   FSM Colwood Fish Scale Tip
FSS   FSS Colwood Fish Scale Tip
FSXL   FSXL Colwood Fish Scale Tip
2829   Gourd Art Basics by Angela Mohr
2062   Gourd Cleaner Ball - 2" Coarse Long Shank 11"
2061   Gourd Cleaner Ball - 2" Coarse Short Shank 4.5"
3140   Great Book of Celtic Patterns by Lora Irish
8138   Great Book of Tattoo Designs by Lora Irish
2879   Great Book of Woodburning by Lora Irish
6579   Handpiece Sleeves
HDMF   Heavy Duty 14ga Cord with Male End to Female End fits Nibsburner, Razortip, Navesink, & Optima.
4333   InLace Techniques, Resin Inlay for Gourd & Wood Crafts
8000   Jo Sonja 10 Tube Palette Sampler
8001   Jo Sonja Specialty Color Set
9319   Landscape Pyrography Techniques & Projects
3006   Landscape Relief Carving Pattern Pack
7285   Learn to Burn
7293   Learning the Art of Pyrography by Al Chapman
6430   Leather Over-the-Cork Heat Shield
5026   Lifelike Pyrography From Photographs by Nedra Denison
6999   Magic Sculpt
3800   Micro Pro Champion Rotary Carving Tool
4100   Optima 1 Single Port Woodburning Kit
OPT17   Optima Pen & Tip Coarse Hair
OPT20   Optima Pen & Tip Gourd Saw Blade
OPT12   Optima Pen & Tip Small Rounded Skew
OPT18   Optima Pen & Tip Spear Point Shader
OPT23   Optima Pen & Tip Spoon Shader
5092   Optima Super Flex HEAVY DUTY Cord 16g
5091   Optima Super Flex Standard Cord 18g
4200   Optima1 Dual Port Woodburning Kit
CPKG   Pkg of 4 Colwood Circle Tips
8029   Pocket Color Wheel
8028   Pocket Guide to Mixing Color
9982   Pyro Paper
5027   Pyrography 101 by Nedra Denison
5052   Pyrography Basics
1162   Pyrography Designs by Gregory
3046   Pyrography Magazine #1
3044   Pyrography Magazine #2
3039   Pyrography Magazine #3
3040   Pyrography Magazine #4
3038   Pyrography Magazine #5
3036   Pyrography Magazine #6
8190   Pyrography Patterns
5018   Pyrography Patterns by Denison
2585   Pyrography Workbook by Sue Walters
99821   PyroPacket #1 Flowers & Butterflies
99822   PyroPacket #2 Arrowheads, moths, and forest critters.
99823   PyroPacket #3 Seashells, feathers, & plants.
99824   PyroPacket #4 Southwestern designs.
8921   Razortip to Colwood Adaptor
3404   Replaceable Tip Handpiece by Colwood
0150   Replacement Cork
149   Replacement Foam
1956   Set of 3 Sanding Mesh - 1 ea 120,240, & 400 grit
7085   Set of 3 Burnmaster Ball Tips 1mm,1.5mm,&2mm
1920   Set of 3 rolls of Gold Sandpaper - One ea 120,220,& 400
7086   Set of 5 Burnmaster Tips - Detail & Shading Set
4304   Southwest Indian Designs
STDMF   Standard Cord Male to Female for brands Nibsburner, Optima, Razortip, and Navesink.
9987   Stick 'n Burn Celtic Pre-Printed Design Pack
9984   Stick 'n Burn for Laser Printers 10 Pack
9976   Stick 'n Burn Large Animal Designs
9991   Stick 'n Burn Leather Tooling Style Pre-Printed Design Pack
9995   Stick 'n Burn Mountain Wildlife
9988   Stick 'n Burn Oak/Maple Leaves Pre-Printed Design Pack
9989   Stick 'n Burn Traditional Native American Designs
9993   Stick n Burn African Wildlife Design Pack
9973   Stick n Burn Birds Design Pack
9974   Stick n Burn Birds/Butterflies Design Pack
9972   Stick n Burn Butterflies/Dragonflies Design Pack
9994   Stick n Burn Gecko Design Pack
9971   Stick n Burn Lakeside Cabin Design Pack
9992   Stick n Burn Owls, Hawks, Eagles Design Pack
9975   Stick n Burn Southwest Wildlife Design Pack
8039   Stylus
3401   Super Pro ll Woodburner by Colwood
test   test
4789   The Art & Craft of Pyrography: Drawing with Fire on Leather, Gourds, Cloth, Paper, and Wood
9420   The Art of Leather Burning
5025   The Art of Pyrography by Nedra Denison
3613   Thermal Finger Guards
3413   Tip Cleaning Bit
4017   Transfer Paper
4018   Transfer Paper
8922   Universal Female/Female Adapter
3828   Versa-Tool
4176   Versa-Tool Transfer Point
8698   Wire Bender
6752   Woodburning Basics by Dick Armstrong
4826   Woodburning Projects & Pattern Treasury by Pompano
2388   Woodburning Realistic People
3331   Woodburning with Cheryl Dow I
3330   Woodburning with Cheryl Dow II
3329   Woodburning with Cheryl Dow III
3328   Woodburning with Cheryl Dow IV
3327   Woodburning with Cheryl Dow V
5690   Woodburning with Sue Waters: Rural Scenes
1142   Wooden Egg Art by Sarah Griffin

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